Crafted from more than 2 tons of Bamboo Biochar, the "Carbon Phoenix" stands as the world's tallest Biochar art installation.This striking piece, located on the Wong Phai farm in Ratchaburi, Thailand, showcases a 6.5m tall mythical bird taking flight and joining the battle against climate change.Each feather was crafted from pyrolyzed bamboo offcuts, a byproduct of the construction industry typically destined for open burning. These feathers were then carefully selected, arranged, drilled before being securely attached to a steel mesh framework.This installation, created by artist Benjamin Von Wong, engineered by Teerasak Sirijan (First) & Anon Passadoa, and brought to life by the WongPhai team, aims to spotlight biochar's untapped potential and propel its adoption across global communities.

Why Biochar?

Although Biochar is responsible for over 89% of engineered Carbon Removal Credits, few have ever seen or heard of it.Like the mythical Phoenix, Biochar is a tool of rejuvenation and transformation.It is created from the remnants of organic material, undergoing a rebirth through pyrolysis - with the ability to rejuvenate the soil and enhance agricultural productivity, while sinking carbon into the ground for generations.Just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes to start anew, Biochar represents a cycle of renewal – turning agricultural waste into a resource that not only combats climate change but also heals the soil.Read more about Biochar here and Attend the 2024 North American Biochar Conference from the 12th-15th February.

The Process

Over two exhausting weeks, the Carbon Phoenix was constructed by a dedicated team of 38 individuals.Utilizing four Biochar Retort Kilns, the team produced 2.2 tons of Bamboo Biochar, effectively offsetting the carbon footprint of Von Wong's round-trip journey from Montreal to Thailand.Around a robust steel support structure, three levels of bamboo scaffolding were erected, supporting the team as they meticulously sculpted the face, body, and wings, crafted from thick metal wire.Each feather of the phoenix was carefully attached one by one to a delicate mesh of chicken wire, utilizing repurposed electrical cables - while the phoenix's glowing eyes, were fashioned from LED lights, diffused through recycled plastic bags and orange wrapping paper.

About WongPhai

Wong Phai (วงศ์ไผ่), known as "Bamboo Family" in Thai, is a social enterprise at the forefront of sustainable bamboo innovation, focusing on regenerative agriculture, community education, and carbon dioxide removal.The enterprise boasts a 10-acre plantation with over 80 bamboo species, alongside a local bamboo biochar production facility - creating sustainable jobs for the local community.If you've ever wanted to sponsor carbon removal projects, this is your chance. With the help of their partner, Carbon Pilot, you can now sign up for a monthly membership to remove carbon, support local communities and help heal the planet.Sign up to be notified when we're live!

The Team

Artist - Benjamin Von WongWong Phai
Khomchalat (Kom) Thongting, Saranrat (Nui) Tanthiptham, Natthakris (Tutor) Chuwong
Behind the Scene Photography / Videography
Manuel Gussmann
Engineering and Design
Teerasak Sirijan (First), Anon Passada (Anon), Attasit Kamulsuk (A)
Wong Phai Biochar Team
Pranee Pudsorn (Juan), Rayrai Pudsorn (Nonglek)
Mueanfan Shalaohom (Aum), Aksarapak Santicheewinwong (Sanorah)

Audrey Koh Ping Enya (Audrey), Ang Choon Seng (Dermond), Ang Hao Yi (Jayden), Bottamalin Sae-Low (Nancy), Karnmanee Sae-Low (OungOing), Montakarn Sae-Low (Aom), Titita Punkoon (Kate), Thanakorn (Nit), Rahim Ismail (Rahim), Anisa Mohd Noor (Anisa), Pantat Sangsri (Pech), Pan Kongkasri (Aum's grandfather)
Rangsit University Volunteers
Punnarat Jarungkon (Teacher Pun), Nattapong Laoporn (Boy), Warrapat Wongwanitsophon (Buddy), Jitarin Younan (Andue), Sumatra Luangrang (Mayyo), Darynn Yoobanyong (Petchploy), Pannita Dumkaew (Namfon), Porntawan Chairat (Hong), Piyawan Paipan (Film), Jeeraporn Preedamon (Zee), Chanisara Machan (Chewview), Kanok Rattana (Mek)
Thanwa Buakaew (Nay)

Special thanks to OWC for providing us with some ultra fast memory cards and SSDs and Nanlite for providing us with some high-quality lighting!


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